Q2 2022


HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

The task was to develop a product with the help of Arduino on one site and the internet on the other to let something communicate with each other via sensors.

The challenge here was to not get lost in details and work straight forward to reach interim goals and finish the product in time.

We used a lot of different technologies to get to our goal. Of course we used Arduino and the Arduino IDE with C++ to implement features directly based on the Arduino Uno Board. Then we also used JavaScript, NodeJS and MQTT to communicate with the server through different computers. We also have used Socket.IO to build a website where you can flip the book digitally.

You can now flip the book per hand (with a sensor that scans a code) and flip a page in the website. You can also flip a page in the website and then flip the page with the help of the arm on the real book.


Anton Stallbörger


Documentation of the process.

Process slider

Insights of the project.

Inside the Bookflipper

The bookflipper can slide analog pages of a book

Made to send data bidirectional

From software to hardware and vice versa