Q4 2022



When applying for different jobs, it is important to have a simple, good looking and complete resume. I noticed that it is very annoying to do the own resume again and again with the help of Word, Figma or another tool when you change jobs. Trying to find alternatives I couldn't find something that is simple to use and yet free so I decided to develop my own software.

The application is written with HTML, CSSĀ and JavaScript (of course) and is making usage of the framework NextJS and ReactJS. I have installed additional NPM packages for making the PDF work.

My goal for the future is to enhance the tool with a cleaner and simpler design but I don't want to overwhelm the user with too much features because the users don't need much when creating a CV for their next job.

Process slider

How I created this project.

Some design "sketches" in Figma

Some highfidelity screens in Figma

Landingpage of the real software